Week 24

Well, here we are nearing the end of the Sunday calls and where our Future Self really comes into its own. Everything that we have accomplished over the last 6 months is our foundation for things to come. We all know that at times it wasn’t pretty or smooth but if it was, would we have grown as much as we have?  You learn from mistakes and adversity, not from something easy or something that everyone can complete. This is now where the rubber meets the road and I am so eager for this new and exciting path that I am on. As we get more confident and fine tune of our new skills this will empower us to do even more and our growth will be life changing to all of us. Now that I am open to this new way of life I am always looking the TRUTH in things that I would have never have given a second thought to before.

I have noticed that my confidence level is now at a point where my wife Amy, can feel and see it and her confidence level is rising as well. I found that I am becoming a beacon of hope for people that I meet every day. It has shown me that all things are not just possible but are there for me and sometimes they land right in your lap. I was at a Networking event this morning that was held in a Yoga Center and I meet the owner. I spoke to him about Amy’s balance issues due to her MS and he pointed out that they would be able to help her with that. I picked up a pamphlet about this to give to my wife. About 10 minutes later before everyone left they had a couple of Door Prizes to draw for and wouldn’t you know, I won one of them and YES, you guessed it, it was for a Free month at the Yoga Studio. I don’t even get surprised much by this anymore. This kind of thing just keeps happening.

What a journey! I almost quit because I had such a frustrating time setting up my Blog and as it turns out, it is the number 1 thing that kept me going when the Old Blueprint came calling, trying to get me back. I kicked its ass  but there were times when it almost got me. The blogging and reading other blogs gave me the strength to keep going and ignore the calling of the old Blueprint. I know that it may always be on the outside looking in but I fear it no more. Life is to short to be carrying that kind of baggage. It no longer lives here or is welcome to drop by for a chat.

To those who may have gotten off track a little, tomorrow is another day and everything is possible. “Failure is not an option!” – Apollo 13


Thank you all for your inspiration over all these months.

Remember this is just the beginning.


Week 23

Let’s start off with, The Law of Least Acceptance. Right after the webinar last week my wife, Amy, was all excited about a change she really wants to do in the kitchen. I’m really not loving the changes at this point. All of a sudden I feel defenseless to her ideas. Obviously I have a point of view that would have served me well, 3 hours ago but now, “not so much.” Am I destined to lose every discussion with Amy now(I usually lose anyway) but is it now a sure thing? Maybe there is some wiggle room that I don’t know about yet or is The Law of Least Acceptance just saving me from the Agony Of Defeat(JOKE)? I’m sure it will all come out in the wash. She has great taste, so I’m sure it will resolve itself.

I watched the clip from Coach Carter, and it was a game changer. As I watched it over and over, all I could think about is that, “This is me my whole Life.” It explains to me why I have made some of my life choices and why I find it so difficult to “Pull the Trigger” on building my Business to the level I know that I am capable of. When my friend Mike stayed with us for a few weeks I noticed that when we were out around other people, I didn’t feel small. He has No Fear and it allowed me to feel the same way. When I think back, he always had that effect on me, I just didn’t know what it was at that time. Now I know!

I persist – I win!

Week 22

Up until just a few minutes ago I thought my worst Fear was rejection and failure in my business. It just hit me that my greatest Fear is getting stuck in my dead end job. What could be worst than that? Nothing! Get over it and get on with your life, it’s to short to be worrying about such trivial things as the word NO. We all heard it plenty as kids and even more when we started dating. I married an incredible woman who loves and believes in me and that’s all the Armour that I need to be successful in business and in life. Thank-you Amy for saying “YES” to being part of my life(the Best Part).

I feel Guilty that I’m  not doing what needs to be done in my business and Angry that I allow Fear to kick my ass every day and make me feel Guilty.

I know that I am worthy of the life I visualize for me and Amy and I am finished hurting her feelings because she has complete faith in me and my ability to build my business and I keep giving her excuses as to why I haven’t built my business yet.

Fear, Anger and Guilt, Your time has expired! I am Worthy!

I am in the service of others. This is who I am! I have always believed in “Give More – Get More.” The only Emerson I knew until recently, lived down the street from me when I was growing up.

I Persist – I Win!




Week 21

How do you stay above all the turbulence and crap from day to day life? You have to keep going, be persistent and don’t let the Doubt Goblins get you. It feels like all the things that can go wrong/bad to you in the run of your life have heard about “If I persist,I Win,” the old Blueprint is very persistent and would like nothing more than to pull you back in (“Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in” – Al Pacino in Scarface).  I can feel my growth starting to accelerate as I stand firm and shed the doubt that we all have at times. I just made it thru one of those days the other day and the next day was amazing. The feeling that you can control things in you life, good, bad or ugly is something that I can fall back on when you feel surrounded by DOUBT. I have seen and felt how life should be, even if it is for short periods of time right now, and I demand of myself  those feelings, all the time.

I keep noticing the kindness that is happening all around me everyday and I am so grateful to be a part of it. This is a very contagious feeling and the more kindness that I give out to other people is starting to be catch on with  people around me.

I had breakfast this morning while watching the News, what a disaster that was. I never thought that I would feel this way. I always felt that it was important to be a well informed person with what is going on in the world. I just can’t stand the “Opinions of people who have little or no knowledge of what they are talking about.”  So much for getting the truth out there when everyone seems to have an agenda. Where does the “Truth” come into the picture. Does it ever?

I still keep getting more and more people doing nice kind things for me every week. No matter how often it happens, it always touches my heart.  Give More – Get More!

I Persist – I Win



Week 20

Well another week is gone by and things keep falling into place. You can see glimpses of the real world from inside the dark tunnel that we have all been in for far to long a time. We had a snow storm yesterday and before I got home from work, one of my neighbors plowed out my yard of all the snow. It feels amazing when these types of things are starting to happen more and more. I’m starting to kind of expect it, these helpful things to happen now out of the blue. It’s funny how you start to put more kindness out there and it is starting to come back to you. The odd part is, the people that I have been kind to are not always the people who have returned the  kindness back to me yet (I know that they will when the opportunity presents its self).  A lot are just random people who you interact with on a daily basis doing kind deeds with no expectations of reciprocity . I  have great neighbors who are always there when you need them. The year that I had my heart issues, my neighbors cut my lawn in the summer and kept the snow shoveled in the winter.

I have started to do some recruiting for my business, I just need to keep consistently doing my calls and follow-ups to build my business. Once I get my business moving, the more consistant I need to become. The “Old Blueprint” would have told me to “do your business half assed and things will work out. That was not good advice that I gave myself. For things to change – I change.

If I Persist – I win!